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Alveolus is a PEER REVIEWED, OPEN ACCESS and FREE OF PUBLICATION FEES journal, which is published online quarterly, in English. It is the official journal of the Respiratory Assembly of Hellenic Society for the Advancement of Biomedical Research and is dedicated to the dissemination of knowledge and views on all the fields of Respiratory Medicine. Alveolus is Indexed in Google Scholar.

The editorial board welcomes original articles, comprehensive uptodate review articles on Respiratory Physiology, Pathophysiology, Pharmacology, Epidemiology, Cell Biology, Thoracic Imaging and Bioethics and also case reports, summaries and comments of the most recent relevant papers, books and events will form the basis of scientific, technical, ethical and philosophical discussions.

Each article will be reviewed by a member of the Editorial Team, along with reviewers. 
Articles should be submitted via e-mail to

Journal Statistics:

Acceptance Rate: 92%

Time to first decision: 15-20 days.

Time from acceptance to publication: 15 days (Online)

All articles are Open Access.

No publication fees apply for the authors.

Manuscript Preparation

Every Manuscript should consists of: Title page (Title, Authors, Affiliations, Contribution of each author, Keywords (6), Full Correspondence Details of the Corresponding Author), Abstract, Article. Authors should provide  details on any conflict of interest for a given manuscript and for all authors of a manuscript.  (if no conflict of interest, please state). Abbreviations or unusual terms should be described at the first time of use.
Authors submitting a paper do so on the understanding that neither the work nor any part of its essential substance, tables or figures have been or will be published or submitted to another scientific journal or is being considered for publication elsewhere. This restriction does not apply to abstracts, but includes work published in any other language. It is the authors' responsibility to ensure that submitted manuscripts are not duplicate publications as specified by the von Elm criteria (JAMA 2004; 291: 974-980). Therefore, authors must declare any simultaneous submissions of similar or related manuscripts and include electronic copies with the submission. If there are any existing concerns following submission, the Editors reserve the right to take appropriate action.
Submission of the manuscript implies that if and when it is accepted for publication, the authors automatically agree to transfer the copyright to the publisher.
References: Number references consecutively in the order in which they first appear in the text, using full size Arabic numerals in square brackets. References should conform to the style used in Index Medicus (Vancouver Style, example: 1. Author AA, Surname A, Author3 DE, Author4 XY. IndexMedicus Reference Style. NEJM 2013; 1:30-45.)
Manuscript Types
i) Original Research 
Full papers should follow the basic structure of Abstract, Introduction, Methods, Results, Discussion, Conclusion and References. The use of tables with titles and coloured figures with legends is encouraged. They should not exceed 250 words for the abstract, 3500 words for the content and should include a maximum of 35 references. However, if manuscripts do exceed this limit, please state the final word count and explicit reasons for exceeding the limit in your covering letter. Extra information, appendices, tables and figures can be submitted as Supplementary Material.
ii) Review Article
We welcome uptodate comprehensive review articles, which should be structured. Systematic reviews are preferred. Review articles are generally written by persons with established expertise in the subject area addressed. They should not exceed 300 words for the abstract, 5000 words for the content and 100 references. However, if manuscripts do exceed this limit, please state the final word count and explicit reasons for exceeding the limit in your covering letter. The use of tables with titles and coloured figures with legends is encouraged. 
iii) Case Report - Case Based Discussion
The journal welcomes the report of uncommon clinical cases or of cases with interesting diagnostic or management issues. They should not exceed 2000 words, with up to 10 references. Patient consent should be obtained.
iv) Editorial
Editorials are always invited. The word count is 1500, with a maximum of 15 references.
v) Letter to the Editor / Correspondence
Early data or reports may be submitted as a Letter to the Editor of no more than 500 words, one figure or table and five references.
Letters regarding articles published in Alveolus are also welcome, with the same word and reference limits as above. Author(s) of the article commented on may be invited to respond.
vi) Case Report 
Report of an uncommon clinical case or of a new or improved method of management or 
treatment. A case-managing physician must either be an author or furnish a letter approving the 
Publication Ethics
Manuscripts should conform to the revised guidelines of the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors (ICMJE), published as Uniform Requirements for Manuscripts Submitted to Biomedical Journals: Writing and Editing for Biomedical Publication. These guidelines and the advice of the Editorial Board, Editorial Staff, Publisher and the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) will be used if matters of advice, dispute or contention arise in relation to publications and/or authors.
Submission Checklist
1. Title page including: Title, Authors, Affiliations, Contribution of each author, Keywords (6), Full correspondence Details of the Corresponding Author and Statement of Interest.
3. Abstract, Main Article, References. Please check the word/reference limits. Please also ensure that the references are presented according to the journal style. 
2. Cover letter - Optional
3. Reviewers: Please suggest two reviewers who are not affiliated with the same institution as the authors and who have not been involved in the preparation of the manuscript or the research protocol. Current e-mail addresses must be provided for the suggested reviewers.